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I (Permabear Doomster) am not a financial advisor as officially endorsed by any national government, corporation, financial/securities regulatory authority in neither the USA, UK, or any part of the world. None of the posts/comments in these pages are intended as trading/investment advice. They are merely my opinion on where a given market/stock and any other ‘instrument, index, etc’ may move at any future time.

Disclaimer ‘Extras’

I trade mostly in derivatives (Stock Options). Options are extremely volatile, often moving 10x as fast as the main market. For example, a 1% increase in a stock index can easily move the related index options by 10%. Options are quite literally NOT for the faint hearted, nor for those who are using monetary funds with which they can’t afford to lose.

I will NEVER endorse the use of leverage/debt via a margin account for any trader to buy/short-sell stocks/options. I think such a strategy is insane. If you don’t have ‘spare cash’, you shouldn’t be involved in any market (whether short/long term, for investment or speculative purposes). Borrowing to trade has ruined many good traders. Don’t do it!

Dear subscriber, please remember, there is always your dedicated local/national Government, or corporate/independent financial advisor/information provider. Many of which will gladly provide you with ‘information’ or even direct investment ‘advice’. Those same people all saw the 1999/2000 tech bubble and the 2008 collapse wave coming, and they saved so many good investors their precious life savings….ohh, that’s right… at least 99% of them didn’t. Perhaps you should give them another chance though? I’m sure they’ll see the next financial collapse wave coming, and tell you for a very sizeable fee. Good luck!

Last updated: 15/5/2016